I am a New Yorker who grew up in small towns in the Midwest.  When George W. Bush was elected, my New York liberal friends panicked.  To their knowledge, no born-again Christian had ever been sighted in New York City.  Who are these people, they wanted to know, where do they come from and why won’t they go away?  Because I am a Midwesterner and grew up with evangelicals, I could, and did, answer their questions.  And when I told them that evangelical Christians constitute 25% of the American population, my friends were shocked. 

I still live in New York and I answer even more questions today.  That’s why I’m doing this blog.  I grew up with the born-agains, I studied sociology and political theory in grad school and I’ve been a writer for years.  Although I’m a member of the Episcopal Church and a registered Democrat, I understand conservative communities and their religions and I can explain them.  I’m not here to put anyone down.  I hope to facilitate a dialogue on a more knowledgeable level or at least a shouting match with a better-informed set of epithets.

I also, to my eternal sorrow, grew up with a very right-wing father, so I may be able to answer questions about right-wing politics.  You can read about that story at vigilantevengeance.com, link on the right under “Blogroll.”

All material Copyright © 2012 Toni Hart

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